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Create and modify objects

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Create and modify objects

Create and modify objects

There are several ways to create, modify, and delete objects in Tekla Structures. Here we will introduce the way that is most useful for a first-time user.

  1. Run a command that creates an object.

    For example, clickto create a steel beam.

  2. Pick points to place the object in the model.

    Tekla Structures creates the object using the current propertiesproperties related to an object type and applied to new objects of this type

    In Tekla Structures, properties related to an object type are activated in the property pane or the dialog box.

    of the object typedescription of a group of objects that share common characteristics

    The objects are grouped based on different characteristics in models and in drawings. Examples of model object types are beams and rebar sets. Examples of drawing object types are parts and marks.


  3. Follow the status bar messages to get instructions on how to proceed.
  4. To create more objects with the same properties, pick more points.

    The command runs until you end it or use another command.

  5. Double-click the object to modify it.

    The object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

    Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

    dialog box opens.

  6. Change the properties as desired.
  7. To indicate which properties you want to change, select or clear the desired check boxes.

    For example, if you only want to change the object's material, select the Material check box and clear all the others.


    Clickto switch all check boxes on or off.

  8. Click Modify.

    Tekla Structures changes the properties whose check boxes you selected in step 7.

  9. To delete an object, select it and press Delete.

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