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Organizer - Task Manager Link

Last updated September 16, 2016 by Tekla Extensions Global tekla.extensions-global@trimble.com

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Organizer - Task Manager Link

With the Organizertool that is used for categorizing and managing model information, object properties and object property queries, and model object classification

Organizer consists of two tools, object browser and categories.

- Task Managertool that enables the linking of temporal data to a model

The task manager can be used to create, save, and manage tasks that are used to create a schedule.

Model objects can be added to the tasks. Organizer categories can be used to select the model objects that will be added to the tasks.

Link function you can easily add objects from Organizer to Task Manager tasks, and update the taskin the task manager, a representation of a piece of work that needs to be carried out in order to complete a project


Organizer - Task Manager Link has two modes:

  • Create and update tasks as categories in Organizer
  • Create and update tasks in Task Manager

In both modes, you can use only Organizer categories to add and update the object content of the tasks.

Mode 1: Tasks are created in Organizer

Mode 1 Workflow in Organizer

  1. Create the custom categories or property categories that you want to copy to Task Manager.
  • You can add objects to these categories in Organizer before creating the link to Task Manager.
  1. Right-click on the root category of a custom or property categorycategory in Organizer based on adding user-defined attributes to model objects

    Within a property category, a model object can belong to only one lowest level category at a time.

    you created, and select Create a new scenarioview in the task manager which includes the tasks chosen and the task information defined by the user for a certain purpose

    In different scenarios users can define alternative workflows by adding different tasks or dependencies between the tasks.

    A scenario may include the tasks belonging to an entire project or a certain project phase, such as design, fabrication, or erection. In addition, a scenario may be related to certain deliverables, such as footings, a frame, or an HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning) system.

    in Task Manager

  • The root category becomes a new scenario in Task Manager.
    • All tasks are linked to the corresponding categories automatically.
    • All objects from categories are added to the tasks.

  1. Add or remove tasks and objects in Organizer in the linked category tree.
  2. Select the any category in the tree, right-click and select Synchronize with Task Manager.
  • The tasks and their content under the same root are updated in Task Manager.

Mode 1 in Task Manager

  • In Task Manager, in the Scenario pane an icon indicates that the tasks in the scenario are linked to Organizer categories.
    • Organizer categories control the object content, and the task addition or removal.
  • You cannot rename or delete the scenario.
  • You can update the tasks only from Organizer.

Mode 2: Tasks are created in Task Manager


  1. Create tasks in Task Manager.
  2. To import a scenario from Task Manager to Organizer, right-click on a root category in the property category or the custom categorycategory in Organizer based on user-defined rules or manually selected properties

    A custom category can be created based on any property or other model information. Custom categories can be used to group the model objects based on other than location-based information.

    section, and select Add Task Manager scenario.

Note: Adding tasks to property categories works in the same manner as copying custom categories to the property category section. Property categories are exclusive, which means that objects in property categories can belong to only one property category at a time.

  1. Select a scenario from the list in the Link category to scenario dialog box.

  • A new category with a Task Manager icon is created in the selected Categories section.
  • In Task Manager, the scenario has an icon indicating that the tasks are linked to categories, and Task Manager controls the task addition and removal.

  1. Update the object content in Organizer.
  2. Right-click on a category in the category tree and select Synchronize with Task Manager to update the task content in Task Manager.
  3. Add or remove tasks in Task Manager.
  4. Synchronize in Organizer to update the categories based on the tasks in Organizer.

Note: In the property categories section, Uncategorized/Clashing categories are ignored when synchronizing with Task Manager.

Break the link between categories and tasks

Right-click on the linked root categories and select Remove the Task manager link.

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by Daniel Philipps

Great extension! Would it be possible to make the automated object content and automated subcategories work when you creating a new senario in task manager? The categories added to task manager that has been fixed with automated objects will not import, everthing else will.

by Agnes Knopp

It supposed to import and update into Task manager all subcategories with all their object content regardless of automatic rules in the categories.
I tested now with 2016i SP1, and it works fine. Which version did you try?

by Daniel Philipps

Hello again, This works very well now, We are using 2016i SP4.

by Daniel Philipps

We are having some problems with clashing Objects in organizer, is there anyway to delete this, so that everything will go into the right place in the organizer/task manager? This ruins the task type in organizer for us.

Also made a topic in the tekla forum about it: https://forum.tekla.com/index.php?/topic/18103-remove-clashing-objects-i...

by Agnes Knopp

I answered the question on the forum.

by Daniel Philipps

Looks like i have taken over this comment field:) Will Organizer and Task manager link be updated to Tekla Structures 2017i? Says in warehouse that its only compatible with 2017. Appreciate if it can be updated soon as possible.