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Hollow Core Slab To Edge Beam

Last updated October 6, 2016 by Area Finland Service tekla.support.fi@trimble.com

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Hollow Core Slab To Edge Beam


1. Purpose and description
2. Using Hollow Core Slab To Edge Beam
3. Hollow Core Slab To Edge Beam settings
4. Additional information

1. Purpose and description

The seam reinforcement is added in between the hollow core slabs and anchored inside the edge beams that go around the building. The reinforcement has a role in stiffening the slabplate that represents a concrete structure

In Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.

Slab may be part of a floor, for example.

and also works actively in case of a fire.

2. Using Hollow Core Slab To Edge Beam

The connection can be created from Component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications

The term component catalog is used in Tekla Structures until version 21.1.

. The connection name is “Hollow Core Slab Edge Beam”.

After starting the connection:

  1. Select the concrete L beam as the primary part for the connection.

  2. Select 2 … n hollow core slabs as secondaries.

3. Hollow Core Slab To Edge Beam settings

Most of the extension properties are self-explanatory. The rest are explained here.



Create Cast Pipe

The vertical cast pipe is created on wide concrete L beams, if it is not otherwise possible to ensure the cast-in-situ to succeed

Create Cast Holes As

The cast holes are created in real life using a thinwalled steel pipe that is squeezed little bit on the side where hollow core slabs are located. The hole can be modelled as part, cut or part+cut. The selection is done based on the needs of the cast unit drawing creation and/or the needs of the concrete element manufacturer.

Create Neoprene Strip

If the neoprene strip is supposed to be added into concrete beam at the factory, it should be created in the model

Fit Hollow Core Slabs

It is recommended not to use this option in a normal straight case.

If the hollow core slabs have a skew angle to the beam, the fitting can be used.

Additional information

The connection works only with planar hollow core slabs that do not have a slope angle.

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