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Orientation settings

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Orientation settings

Orientation settings

Use the Orientation marks page in the Options dialog box to define some orientation and location settings.



Project north

Defines which direction is north in the model. Enter the value in degrees counter-clockwise from the global x axis.

Part viewing direction

Defines which direction parts are viewed from in drawings.

Beam skew limit

Column skew limit

Tekla Structures uses limit angles to determine whether a part is a beam or a column when creating orientation marks. Tekla Structures treats parts outside these limits as braces.

Parts skewed more than 80° are columns.

Parts skewed less than 10° are beams.

Preferred location for mark

Defines the location of part marks in drawings, to the left or right end of the part.

Mark always to center of column

This setting only affects columns.

Yes places part marks in the center of columns in plan views. To indicate part orientation, include compass direction ( Face direction ) in the part mark instead.

No places part marks on the same flange in general arrangement and assembly drawings.

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by Tero Laine

You should tell when will part viewing direction have an impact on drawings and when not

by Anu from Tekla User Assistance

Thanks for your comment. We'll look into this.

by Tero Laine

This is getting better. But one thing I was specifically looking for was an explanation about how "oriented" affects beam drawings.

by Päivi from Tekla User Assistance

We will have a look at this from that point of view, as well. Thanks!