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Check dimensions

Added August 31, 2016 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Check dimensions

Check dimensions

Check dimensions are additional dimensions in integrated dimensioning that you can use for checking, usually in thinner text than other dimensions. They are not required for fabrication or erection, and they are mainly used for checking detailing, not for assembling parts.

Tekla Structures uses work points to create check dimensions. Work points can be either the points between which the part was originally created, or the intersection point of the reference lines of the parts. The reference lineline between two reference points

For example, if the user picks two points to position a beam, these points form the reference line, and handles appear at the line ends.

Reference lines can be used in snapping in a snap switch.

location depends on the part positionposition number that is assigned to a part

depth set in the part properties dialog box. If it is middle , the reference line is the center line, if it is front , the line is located in the part front edge, etc.

Knock-off dimension is a special type of check dimensiondimension used for checking detailing

Tekla Structures uses work points to create check dimensions.

that dimensions the distance from work points to the end of the part.

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