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19.1 Table of Contents

Tekla Structures 19.1 Release Notes


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Tekla Structures 19.1 Release Notes

Tekla Structures 19.1 Release Notes

Reading tip: you can browse the release notes by using the table (1) element in a drawing that may include information on the building objects in the drawing, and information on the project

(1) In Tekla Structures, the term ’table’ is used to refer to various elements of a drawing, such as revision tables, title blocks, bills of material, lists, general notes, key plans, and DWG and DXF files.

(1) When the user makes changes to a model, Tekla Structures updates the drawing and the contents of the affected tables. This means that not only drawings are associative but also the tables.

(2) table created with the template editor

(2) In template editor tables are called templates.

of contents or view the release notes on one page.

Tekla Structures version 19.1 is a main version and contains many new features and fixes.


You can open and work with existing models using Tekla Structures 19.1.

We suggest that you complete any unfinished models using your current version.

When you create or save a model in Tekla Structures 19.1, you can open it in Tekla Structures 19.0, but not in older versions of Tekla Structures.


Tekla Structures setup creates a new subfolder for Tekla Structures 19.1.

You need Windows Administrator rights to install Tekla Structures 19.1. This ensures that all Windows system folder folder that is used for storing files that define default settings

*.dll files are updated.

Tekla Structures 19.1 uses .NET Framework 4.0, which is installed as a prerequisite on the computer you are installing Tekla Structures to. In case you already have a beta version of the .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your computer, you need to uninstall it or replace it with the official version of the .NET Framework 4.0 available in the Microsoft web site.

Tekla Open API Release Notes

To learn about the improvements in Open API development, see the Tekla Open API programming interface to Tekla Structures that uses Microsoft® .NET Framework technology

Tekla Open API enables creation of applications, macros, extensions, and plug-ins.

Release Notes that are included in the Tekla Open API Startup Package. 


You can use extensions to expand the capabilities of Tekla Structures

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