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Creating a view filter

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Creating a view filter

Creating a view filter

To create a view filterfilter used for defining which objects are displayed in a model view or drawing view

View filter chooses objects according to object properties. The user can filter objects according to their profile or material, for example.


  1. Double-click the view to open the View Properties dialog box.
  2. Click Object group... to open the Object Group - View Filter dialog box.
  3. Modify the filter settings.
    1. If you want to remove all existing filter rules, click New filter.
    2. Click Add row to add a new filter rule.
    3. Select options from the Category, Property, and Condition lists.
    4. In the Value list, enter a value or select one from the model.
    5. Add more filter rules, and use the And/Or options or parentheses to create more complex rules.
  4. Select the check boxes next to all filter rules that you want to enable.

    The check boxes define which filter rules are enabled and effective.

  5. If needed, define the filter type.
    1. Click to display the advanced saving settings.
    2. Select or clear the check boxes to define where the filter will be visible.

      For example, you can create a filter that can be used both as a view filter and as a selection filterfilter used for defining which object types can be selected

      Selection filter chooses model objects according to object properties.

      Selection filters can be standard or user-defined.

      For example, selection filters can be used to select parts for drawings or analysis.


  6. Enter a unique name in the box next to the Save as button.

    Do not use spaces in filter names. To have the filter appear at the top of the list, right after the standard filter, use capital letters in the filter name.

  7. Click Save as to save the filter.

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