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19.0 Table of Contents

Top Fixes in Tekla Structures 19.0 SR1

Last updated May 13, 2013 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Top Fixes in Tekla Structures 19.0 SR1

Top Fixes in Tekla Structures 19.0 SR1


Error in opening autosave files with Tekla Structures 19.0

It was not possible to open files saved with autosave in a multi-user model with Tekla Structures 19.0 . When you tried to open such a file, the following error message was displayed: Fatal: Model on disk is corrupted, use the latest backup model. Please run check disk on your drive.

The actual files were correct, but there was a problem in opening the model. This has now been fixed.

Tools and components

Rectangular column reinforcement (83): Possible to have different cover thicknesses for different stirrup groups

Different cover thicknesses for stirrups are sometimes needed for example around column shoes or splice bolts. Now it is possible to control the cover thickness of stirrups as groups on the Stirrups tab.

Inverted tee beam - automated reinforcement layout (52): Possible to use stem stirrups as composite bars

You can now let the stirrups in the stem of the beam protrude out on top by using a negative cover thickness on the Stem stirrups tab.

Lifting anchor (80)

  • You can again place anchors on top of the column.

  • Sometimes anchors where not modeled correctly: they were positioned too high. This has now been fixed.

Precast stairs (65): Possible to set Cast Unit type to Cast in place

You can now set the Cast unit type on the Stairs tab to Cast in place. This enables you to model also cast in place stairs with Tekla Structures.

Reinforcement mesh array in area (89)

The component now works correctly when creating only one mesh in a panel. Previously, therewas an application error when the Mesh area perimeter option was set to Polygon + Part and polygon points were not set in the front of the panel.


Modifying reinforcing bars

Since Tekla Structures version 18.0, when you modified the size of a reinforcing bar and cleared all check boxes in the Reinforcing Bar Properties dialog box, the center of the bar remained but the cover thickness was changed. This has now been fixed so that cover thickness is not changed anymore.


Creating drawing views in Cast in Place configuration

Different options to create drawing views in View > Create Drawing View > Of Parts in Drawing are now available also when you are using the Cast in Place configuration.

View label mark alignment

Drawing view label marks are now aligned correctly also in cases where there are several marks.


Model representation options

Changing the representation of the model with Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 works correctly again also when you have multiple views open.

In rendered views you can use shortcuts Ctrl+1…5 to change the representation of the parts for example if you want to show only the part transparent (Ctrl+2) or not transparent (Ctrl+4). In Tekla Structures 19.0 changing the representation did not always work correctly. This has now been fixed.

Tekla Structures 19.0

If you created a view of the end plate and you wanted to show only the selected plate, you selected the plate and held down Ctrl +5.

When you went back to the 3d view (left) and to see it as transparent held down Ctrl+2 the view of the plate changed to transparent.

Tekla Structures 19.0 SR1

Representation shortcuts affect only in the view you have active when you use the shortcut. In this case the 3D view changes as expected when you use Ctrl+2, and the part view remains as Show only selected.

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