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User-defined attributes

Added March 9, 2013 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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User-defined attributes

User-defined attributes

User-defined attributes provide extra information about a part. Attributes can consist of numbers, text, or lists. The following table (1) element in a drawing that may include information on the building objects in the drawing, and information on the project

(1) In Tekla Structures, the term ’table’ is used to refer to various elements of a drawing, such as revision tables, title blocks, bills of material, lists, general notes, key plans, and DWG and DXF files.

(1) When the user makes changes to a model, Tekla Structures updates the drawing and the contents of the affected tables. This means that not only drawings are associative but also the tables.

(2) table created with the template editor

(2) In template editor tables are called templates.

gives some examples of what you can use attributes for:


Can be used...


In part and weld marks in Tekla Structures drawings, or in projects.


When drawings of the parts are created, Tekla Structures decreases the true length of the part by this value. This is useful when creating assembly drawings of bracing bars that should always be under tension.


In part marks in Tekla Structures drawings.

Preliminary mark

To obtain preliminary marks for parts in reports.


To protect objects from being accidentally changed.

Shear, Tension, and Moment

To save reaction forces for AutoDefaults predefined properties that AutoConnection uses when creating connections

. You can enter forces separately for each end of a part.

User field 1...4

User-defined fields. You can change the names of these fields and add new user-defined fields.

Connection code

When importing information on connection component for creating such component objects that automatically connect component secondary parts to a component main part and create the necessary other objects

A connection can be a system or a custom component. Other objects can include bolts, welds, cuts, and fittings.

types into Tekla Structures. You can then use the connection codes as rules in AutoConnection tool that creates connections with predefined properties in certain framing conditions

and AutoDefaults. Each end of a part can have a different connection code.

Moment connection

For selecting whether to show moment connection symbols in drawings or not.

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