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Importing a STAAD model

Added March 9, 2013 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Importing a STAAD model

Importing a STAAD model

This FEM import tool imports steel structures from the STAAD modeling and analysis system.

To make a STAAD input file Input files are used for different purposes, for example, for defining the content and structure of a dialog box and for defining certain reinforcement-related settings.

Input files have the extension .inp, for example rebar_config.inp.

compatible with the Tekla Structures STAAD import, use the option Joint coordinate format (Single) to save the input file in STAAD. This creates a line for each coordinate in the input file.

To import a STAAD model:

  1. Select File > Import > FEM....

    The New Import Model dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select Import FEM.
  3. Use the default name import model or enter a name for the import model.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the model.
  6. Click Properties... to open a dialog box where you can define the settings for the import file type you selected:
    • On the Conversion tab, enter the conversion file names or browse for the conversion files.

    • On the Parameters tab, enter the name of the STAAD file you want to import in the Input file box.

    • Set the file type to STAAD in the Type box, and set the origin coordinates in the Origin boxes if you want the file in a specific location.

    • Set the material grade in the Material box on the Staad tab.

      You can also click ... next to the box, and browse for the material grade in the Select Material dialog box.

    • If you wish to create a report of the import, enter the required information on the Report tab.

    • If you are importing the model for the first time, you do not need to change the default values on the Advanced tab.

  7. Click OK to go to the Import Model dialog box.
  8. Click Import.

    Tekla Structures displays the Import model info dialog box.

  9. Select which version of parts to import.
  10. Click Accept all.

    If you have changed the model and want to re-import it, you can also reject all changes by clicking Reject all, or accept or reject individual changes by clicking Select individual....

  11. Tekla Structures displays the message Do you want to save the import model for subsequent imports? Click Yes.

    Tekla Structures displays the import model in a model view view that is represented in the modeling mode

    Model view is available also in the drawing mode and it is represented in its own window.


  12. Right-click the model view and select Fit work area to entire model to ensure that the imported model is completely visible.
  13. If parts are missing, check the View depth Up and Down values in the View Properties dialog box and change them if necessary.

FEM import is one way to import STAAD data. Direct link to STAAD.Pro analysis and design application is another, more versatile way to import.

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