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132568, 132597, 132425, 132451, 132524, 132570

Eliplan Export (68) has been improved, and now there are new settings that give you more control in plotting, without making major changes in the model:

  • Export now checks the Set Top in Form Face setting for all parts, if in use.
  • New and improved settings on the Plotter tab:
    • It is now possible to exclude from exported plotting data embeds by classpart property that groups parts according to identifiers given by the user

      The identifiers of classes are usually numbers. Classes can be used for defining the color of parts in the model, for example. Class does not influence the numbering of model objects.

      , name or material with the new setting Exclude embeds by.
    • You can also exclude from exported plotting data embeds or cuts that are above the specified Z position by using the new setting Exclude above z position. Z position is the depth of the element on the pallet, that is how many millimeters the lowest point of the embedbuilding object that represents an object that is to be cast into a concrete structure and that is used to connect structures or as an aid when constructing a structure

      For example, a cast-in socket is an embed that is placed in concrete structures to allow parts to be fastened together on site. In Tekla Structures, embeds are typically steel parts and they are added to cast units as sub-assemblies.

      is above the cast.
    • When you export cutout data with the option Full depth cuts only, now the actual full depth cut geometry is exported without recesses.

New and improved settings on the Export EliPlan file (68) Data content tab:

  • In Net area calculation, you can select whether the export excludes all cuts or only full depth cuts from the net area calculation. The whole assembly is checked.
  • In Weight calculation, you can select which weight will be exported.
  • In Decimal mark, you can set period (.) or comma (.) as the decimal mark.
  • In No. of digits after decimal point, you can now set 3 digits after the decimal separator. The default value is 1 digit. Now this option also affects volume, gross area and net area.
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Import, export, interoperability

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