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Some reference models saved in Tekla Structures 21.1 final version were not shown in drawings in service release 21.1 SR 6 or progress release 21.1.7 after you had added more parts to the Tekla Structures model and saved and reopened the model. This has now been fixed.
If you have a model saved in Tekla Structures 21.1 final version, and you start using service release 21.1 SR 7 or progress release 21.1.8, you should first ensure that all reference models are found in their file paths, make all reference models visible, and refresh them in the model and then hide them again, if originally hidden. Files that cannot be found are reported in the session history. Then save the Tekla Structures model in the current version.
This ensures that the changed handling of reference files is taken into use and reference modelmodel which the designer can use as an aid when building another model

A reference model is created in Tekla Structures or in other software and can be inserted to Tekla Structures. The reference model appears together with the model but it is not modified by Tekla Structures. The user can snap to reference model points.

For example, an architectural model, a plant design model, or a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) model can be a reference model.

visibility is remembered in drawings.

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Import, export, interoperability

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