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Extension Gallery

ContentsPurpose and descriptionInstalling Extension GalleryUsing Extension GalleryPurpose and descriptionThe Extension Gallery provides an easy to use way to find, launch and organize extensions. The gallery is context dependent, so it shows drawing plugins and macros when a drawing is open and model macros otherwise. In addition to the extensions that are automatically discovered, custom...

Form Face Creator

The Form Face Creator extension is used to add surface treatment representation of formwork to part surfaces. This enables the user to get very accurate reports of the formwork areas in their model.

Offshore Ring Plate

ContentsPurpose and descriptionSystem RequirementsInstalling the Offshore Ring Plate extensionUsing the Offshore Ring Plate extensionOffshore Ring Plate propertiesAdditional informationLimitations on Split PlatesTrouble ShootingPurpose and descriptionThis plugin will create offshore ring plates and cap plate connections which are needed at the connection of beam flanges and round pipe columns....

Packaging Tool

ContentsPurpose and descriptionSystem RequirementsInstalling Packaging ToolUsing Packaging ToolAdditional informationPurpose and descriptionThe Packaging Tool automates the process of creating, sending and tracking responses to packages of drawings, NC files, reports, and other model output files. The tool’s main features are as follows:Wizard-based user interface leads the user step-by-step...