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Tekla Structures Licensing

This video shows about Tekla Structures Licensing workflow and the below link for troubleshooting support articles.

DSTV File Name Modifier

1. Purpose and descriptionThis tool is developed to help Tekla Structures customers to customize NC file names. Default NCfiles are being created with only Piece Mark whereas some customers would like to have ProjectNumber, Profile and Material in NC file names. It is all possible with this new tool.2. System requirements.NET Framework version: 4.0Tekla Structures Version: Does not require...

Column Shoe Connection

This tool is used to create a column shoe connection between a column and a foundation. The foundation can be a footing, column, beam, or slab. The tool creates column shoes, anchor bolts, cuts and fittings, and the required additional reinforcing for the column.

Curved Rebar Toolbox

This extension proposes 4 different tools to handle curved rebargroups more easily.