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Print Drawings to PDF

ContentsPurpose and descriptionSystem RequirementsInstalling the Print Drawings to PDF extensionUsing the extensionKnown limitations of this versionPurpose and descriptionThis extension provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) preview of a selection of drawings and options to export them as PDF files, save them as plot files and to print them on a selected printer.System...

Form Face Creator

The Form Face Creator extension is used to add surface treatment representation of formwork to part surfaces. This enables the user to get very accurate reports of the formwork areas in their model.

Double Tee Ridge Beam

ContentsDouble tee beam with ridge is also known as:- TT slab with ridge or- HTT slab (where H comes from the Finnish word “harja” meaning ridge)1. Purpose and description2. Using Double Tee Ridge Beam3. Double Tee Ridge Beam settings4. Additional information1. Purpose and descriptionDouble tee beams with ridge can be created simply using a concrete beam tool, so why having an extension...

Double Tee Side Connection

ContentsThis extension connects the double tee beam long sides by adding appropriate standard steel parts, creating cuts and adding a loose steel plate that is welded into standard steel parts on the construction site.1. Purpose and description2. Using Double Tee Side Connection3. Additional information1. Purpose and descriptionThe extension is designed to work with standard double tee beam ...