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Curved Rebar Toolbox

CurvedRebarToolbox1. Purpose and descriptionThis extension proposes 4 different tools to handle curved rebargroups more easily.2. System requirementsTekla Structures Version: 20.1.NET Framework version: 4.0Environments:  All (not suitable for imperial units)3. InstallationTo install the extension:1. Close Tekla Structures2. Install the application using the appropriate 32bit (x86) or 64bit...

Wall To Wall Connection

This is an extension component which is able to create a connection between two precast walls. The connection may contain a groove with or without additional shear teeth. Optionally the connection may also create reinforcement bar loops or some embeds (custom part) as connectors at walls.

Attribute Importer

ContentsPurpose and descriptionInstalling Attribute ImporterUsing Attribute ImporterAttribute Importer settingsCustomizing Attribute ImporterAdditional informationPurpose and descriptionThis application assigns user defined attributes to any model object base on filters and rules.  This works regardless of how the objects were created (E.g. custom components, system components, etc...)...

Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools

1. Purpose and descriptionRebar Coupler and Anchor Tools is a set of four extensions to help modeling and management of reinforcement bar couplers (connecting two bars) and end anchors (device at free end of the bar).Rebar Coupler – Use this tool to create couplers where rebar has already been split or the rebar ends are connecting and are parallel.Rebar End Anchor – Use this tool to create end...